Free EFC Calculator

Your Expected Family Contribution or EFC is the starting point for families to understand their financial aid position. The EFC number is the result of a family completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA form. Pay For ED has a free on-line tool to help families estimate this important number.

Our free EFC calculator also provides an estimated CSS profile number that is used by some colleges in addition to the FAFSA process. Both calculations are estimated numbers since the full calculation requires detail financial information. The CSS profile method is even more difficult to project since each school can modify their calculation based on a family’s financial position. The CSS calculation is unique to each school unlike the FAFSA method, which is a government process and the same number at each college.

For the best estimates, it is recommended that you use your most recent tax return information. This is important since your income tax paid is an important part of the calculation. You have the flexibility to enter the best information you have, especially if you have a change in your financial positions.

Disclaimer. The free Pay For ED financial aid calculator is only an estimating tool. This calculator only asks for the major financial data points. It will provide you with an estimation of your financial aid position and is only to be used for an initial planning tool.

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Your EFC is the sum of four calculations. Understanding the details of each section is critical to creating a college funding strategy. The Pay For ED tool also simplifies the input process.

Pay For ED includes a budget function so you can better understand each college’s affordability and financial outcome. An a easy input process that you only do once. You can review 20 schools at one time.

Make a better decision by having a four customized financial aid projection by year by college. Colleges only provide one year financial awards.

Our customized four-year cash flow adjust your financial aid positions and displays when additional funds will be needed by year. A projection of graduation debt is also generated.

The Financial Award Letter Summary recalculates the numbers then compares all of your awards side by side in a standard format. This allow the family to make a better college value decision.

Pay For ED Full System Benefits:

  • FAFSA Answer Key
  • Easy value comparisons in one place
  • Award Letter Analysis for better decisions
  • Customized out of pocket and debt projection by college
  • Timely webinars to help you through the process
  • Plus much more